WebGeiger: An Arduino based Geiger Counter


This project is WebGeiger; An Arduino based Geiger Counter.

There was Chernobyl, which raised our fear of radiation even higher. We children were forbidden to play in the garden. And then there was Fukushima.

While Geiger counters were rather expensive tools some time ago, they are available as cheap DIY kits now, so there was the idea to build one myself. And since radiation is an environmental topic, I thought about building one that I could place somewhere outside and also read out remotely. The perfect playground for an Arduino webserver.

And yes, there’s somemore motication: There are natural Uranium (Pitchblende) resources in northern Bavaria, not far from my home town. Sometimes you can even find Pitchblende minerals simply on the ground. So I wanted to compare natural radiation levels there and in my current home town Munich.


Components List

  • Arduino Pro Ethernet
  • SI29BG Geiger tube, operable at 400V
  • http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-geiger-counter-p-867.html Seeedstudio Geiger Counter
  • Some components to produce a continuous 5V out of higher voltages. Core component is the RECOM 7850-0.5.
  • Optionally here the SHT15 to monitor the humidity / temperature within the chassis


Original post – http://www.dl8rds.de/index.php/WebGeiger:_An_Arduino_based_Geiger_Counter


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