Chatduino: An AIM Client for Arduino/Wiznet 5100


Chatduino: An AIM Client for Arduino/Wiznet 5100

by Andrew Rapp(


This is an AIM instant messenger client for Arduino/Wiznet 5100, which allows you to communicate with your Arduino project from anywhere on the internet, in near real-time. You can communicate with your project through any AIM client or even your cell phone by using text messaging with Mobile AIM, and since communication is channeled though the AIM server, both the Arduino+Wiznet and chat client can exist behind firewalls.

Hardware & software

  • Arduino
  • Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chip
  • AIM program :


Currently the sketch only processes incoming messages. Other commands: CONFIG2, UPDATE_BUDDY2, PING etc. are ignored. In a future release I would like to support buddy list updates, which would allow you to receive notifications when your friends signon/signoff.

Other improvements may include using EEPROM to save memory and not blocking on readMessage if the receive buffer is empty. Of course at this time it’s just a sketch but if people find it useful, I may release it as an Arduino library.

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