Networked Biometric Authentication



Due to the increasing need for securing data and places, the biometric authentication industry is seeing large market growth.  We decided to build a scalable, small, and efficient device that can be used to secure doorways throughout a complex.  We use a FingerPrint Cards capacitance based fingerprint scanner as our capturing device.

High Level Design:

Fingerprint authentication is expected to reach US $400M by 2010. This need for securing data and places effectively, coupled with the project market growth of the biometric industry, led us into a project where we created a system that uses fingerprint biometric authentication for a user to enter through a doorway.

The logical structure is illustrated as follows:

Hardware Design:

The hardware design for this project consisted of us interfacing the peripherals (sensors, memory, keypad, and LCD) with the ATMega32.  Due to the complexity of these interactions we also needed to design a custom PCB board to handle this.

Serial and Ethernet Communication:

We used the WIZ110SR serial to Ethernet converter to handle our Ethernet an serial communications.  There was no hardware design on our part for this conversion process, but we did need set the parameters for the ATMega32’s USART communication, as well as connect their pins appropriately to the serial ports.  The port connections were done on the PCB board, and the parameters were set via software.



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