How I Made a Fully-Functional Arduino Weather Station


How I Made a Fully-Functional Arduino Weather Station

by Francisco Sanchez Clariá

The author thinks that kitesurfing is one of the most addictive sports in the world. He forgot one essential requirement: wind. And that’s where we have our problem: you never know whether or not there will be wind unless you live right by your favorite kitesurfing spot. He needed to know the wind conditions of his favorite kitesurfing spot—in real time. So he decided to build his own weather station.

Measuring weather in real time—in a hostile environment

The goal was to deliver real-time weather data to the browser at home:

Before he gets into the specifics, let’s take a moment to consider the key questions and caveats involved in a project like this:

  • How can he create a weather station that it is neither valuable nor attractive to a thief?
  • How can he keep hardware costs and development time to the minimum?
  • How can he measure and access weather data in real time and display it in a useful way?
  • Required measurements: wind and wind gusts, wind direction, rain, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity
    • Connect station to Internet
    • Store and retrieve local weather data
    • Communicate between weather station and server
  • How can I reduce maintenance to (almost) zero?
    • Manage hanging of software
    • Manage loss of connectivity
    • Manage loss of energy supply

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Author : Francisco Sanchez Clariá (, Córdoba, Argentina (US), No contact


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