Tweeting Dog Feeder


This project is about tweeting machine. The tweeting machine in this project sends you any updates that it is time to feed your dog through Twitter whenever your dog touches the feeder because he/she is hungry. It doesn’t seem to be useful but, very interesting idea. This project is good for the example of Twitter.


So I wanted to create a dog feeder that sends an update to Twitter whenever the feeder is opened. My brother, my sister, and I each take care of my cousin’s dog (Milo) since his job doesn’t allow him enough time to check on him through out the day. We have always had to keep tabs on one another to make sure Milo has been fed and taken out for that day. This dog feeder is a way that eliminates us having to text or call one another to see if Milo has been checked up on by having a Twitter account that we can each access and check for Milo’s status to update. This also lets my cousin know when we have fed and walked Milo. This also provides a means for accountability.

In short, I used an Arduino with an Arduino Ethernet Shield and a tilt switch that updates Twitter each time the lid is opened.


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