Peak Power Management System


PROJECT Description

As electricity consumption is increasing rapidly these days, an urgent. need exists to minimize consumption through smart and intelligent ways in order to prevent a future energy crisis. For this purpose, development of an intelligent peak power management system should be required. As the number of appliances and consumer electrical devices increase, power consumption in unit business tends to grow. Generally, electricity consumption can be minimized using a peak power management system capable of. effectively controlling the load power by continuously monitoring the power. In this work, a peak power management system which consists of Arduino microprocessor equipped with Ethernet and Zigbee shield is presented. To verify the feasibility of the proposed scheme, laboratory-scale experiments are carried out.


1. Zigbee Devices

1-1. Arduino UNO

1-2. Xbee Shield

1-3. AC Current Sensor TA12-100

1-4. IS Shield

2. Zigbee Coordinator

2-1. AMR (NJ34-212-THI)

2-2. Ethernet Shield

2-3. Arduino Mega2560

2-4. Xbee Shield

The system is composed of multi-zigbee devices and a single zigbee coordinator. The zigbee devices are connected to air conditioner, motor or light system to measure the electric consumption and transmits the measured data to the zigbee coordinator. The coordinator collects and calculates the data to manage the peak power consumption.


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For more detail, get the article from below link.



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