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This project is the home stereo system that playing music anywhere in the house. This system is based on STM32F107 for main processor and WIZnet W5100 for Ethernet connectivity.

In 2010 I wanted to improve my coding skills, get into a new processor, and start a product development. A lot to take on all at once. So when the opportunity to enter the STM32 Challenge appeared in December ’10, I decided to do it. Winter is a perfect time to do nerd projects. So what to design? I wanted to do something with both nerd and general appeal, something that I was familiar with and could use myself. Years ago I built a house-wide home stereo, capable of playing music anywhere in the house. I have wanted to update this system to newer technology. The original system sports:



  • Use real PC boards throughout (ExpressPCB to start)
  • Use updated components and development tools based on a single-chip flash microcontroller
  • Available, low cost LCD with built-in controller and LED backlight
  • 4 Channel preamp board
  • Allow at least 2 units to be built: one for development, one to deploy
  •  Include 4-6 zone stereo audio amps, 20-40W per channel

I want to add a simple web page to control the system. Since the serial port has commands to replicate all the buttons, that is a good starting point. I’m no networking guru, so I’m looking for a simple solution to adding Ethernet. There are lots of ways to get networking on an STM32 including these that I have considered:

  1. Use a STM32 processor with Ethernet (STM32F107 processor plus an external PHY and mag-jack)
  2. Use a Wiznet like W5100 (SPI to 100BaseT) chip or module
  3. Use a Serial to Ethernet device. XPort looks good
  4. Use an external Linux CPU with a proper web server and serial.
  5. Use Arduino and an Ethernet Shield

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