Industrial Monitoring System using WizFi250


This paper is about monitoring-system using WizFi250.

Please refer to the following abstract of this paper.



In this paper, after advantages and disadvantages of the existing system in the industrial sites were analyzed, a new more advanced industrial machinery monitoring system in terms of the installation costs, transfer speed, and transmission range was suggested.

The proposed system was made of infrastructure architecture using WizFi250 among the various communication networks. In order to check the potentiality of the monitoring system, the monitoring system applied to the Industrial Dust Collector, one of the typical industrial machine, was examined.


As a result, a small Station Communication module capable of – 58 – communicating with the AP that is a Wi-Fi router installed in the industrial site was developed. The physical interface for the module and measuring equipments used RS485 for 1:N communication of multidrop. Modbus protocol was used to confirm that the systems controlled various measuring equipments without collision between data. Also, the station module was designed to receive a static IP in order to transfer data accurately and rapidly. This configuration make it possible to transmit information for a specific industrial machinery using UDP protocol. And the experiments in this study proved that.

Finally, the monitoring program was manufactured to secure data of industrial machinery easily. The program used GUI based on and was able to save the information in Microsoft Excel file format. Through the monitoring system on industrial machinery using Wi-Fi implemented in this paper, the existing industrial machinery management system that wastes human power and causes economic problems is expected to be transformed into a more effective and efficient management system. Also due to the continuously evolving Wi-Fi technology and smart devices equipped with WLAN technology, the growth of the smart monitoring system that can check the information of industrial machinery at anytime and anywhere is expected.


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