This is an example of MQTT Client using STM32 and W5500. It can collect the data and control between MQTT Client(Android) and MQTT Client(STM32+W5500).

What is MQTT?
MQTT protocol is based on exchanging messages by using Publish and Subscribe. Based on ‘Topic’, we can receive the data if other client would publish the subscribed Topic. Many clients can subscribe one Topic.



1. STM32+W5500

This MQTT Client periodically publishes sensed data(temperature, humidity, light etc.). Also, it turns on LED after subscribing the status of 4 LEDs.

2. Android

This MQTT Client informs user of Topic such as temperature, humidity, and light by subscribing. If the user touches one of the four buttons, it publishes the corresponding LED and then turns on the corresponding LED of STM32+W5500 MQTT Client.

For more information such as source code, please check out the following website;




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