X10 and Home Easy with Node-RED


1. Project Description

The writer implemented and had been developing the Home automation using X10 module, which is operated on the basis of Heyu(X10 Automation for Linux, Unix and Mac OS X, text-based console program for remotely controlling http://www.heyu.org/) with PLC and also this device can be operated by RF remote control since 2002. However new and better system was required due to the below problems.

  • Susceptible noises
  • Interference on the mains line causing things to not turn on/off when asked or to turn on/off erroneously

Because of these problems, the writer replaced some instruments using Mister House (http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/) and Home Easy device (http://www.homeeasy.eu/) which are Perl based Home automation package after various attempts at solving the problems.


Under the such circumstance, the writer wanted to regulate X10 module with the same  controller in Home authomation system which is prepared for controlling Home Easy module.





 To solve thes problems, new devise was made by the basis of Arduino board, Ethernet shield and 433MHz RF transmitter and installed Node-RED in Home server. Finally he succeeded to set up a perfact system to control not only Home Easy devise but also existing X10 device through MQTT communication.


2. Parts and Source codes


  • Arduino clone board
  • Arduino Ethernet shield
  • 433MHz RF Transmitter
  • Node-RED for home automation server

For more details, please refer to Author’s posting,

X10 and Home Easy with Node-RED


3. Steps: X10 and Home Easy transmitters

  1. Hardware implementation
    1. Arduno clone board with an Ethernet shield
    2. + 433MHz RF transmitter
  2. Software for Arduino device:
    1. 433MHz for Arduino library
    2. Arduino MQTT client (pubsubclient)
  3. Home automation server improvement: Node-RED added
    1. Controlling home devices
    2. MQTT broker


4. Ethernet shield comparison: ENC28J60 vs W5100

Author said,

ArduinoUIP library for the ENC28J60 ethernet chip makes it compatible with the standard Arduino MQTT client (pubsubclient) which seems to be much better, unfortunately the combination with the 433MHz for Arduino library seems to be causing RAM issues resulting in random crashes

so I went with a cheap W5100 based ethernet shield in the end as this handles the IP stack itself resulting in much reduced memory usage and a very reliable system.


Link: http://nathan.chantrell.net/20140329/x10-and-home-easy-with-node-red/



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