Xtralien X100 Source Measure Unit


Xtralien™ X100 is versatile that has been developed as a general-purpose instrument to perform a wide range of experiments used in electronic engineering, condensed matter physics, chemical engineering and biotechnology.
Xtralien’s X100 incorporates two source measure units (source-meters) and two precision voltage meters and is capable of measuring a wide range of research devices including photovoltaics, LEDs and OLEDs, transistors and more. It aims to be a high precision test and measure equipment that combines high-quality amplifiers and analogue components, robust manufacture and a reasonable price-tag,  making them accessible to professionals and hobbyists alike.  The board of the X100 makes it easier to integrate into experiments and equipment – all with high precision, easy to use programs for common applications and simple to use command interface compatible with a wide array of languages including LabVIEW, MATLAB, python and many more.





10/100 Mbit/s ethernet/internet via a standard RJ45 socket (for standard ethernet cables). Powered by Wiznet W5100 ethernet controller chip with standard DHCP to connect to most networks automatically.


Designed for integration and scalability

Single board designs with mounting points for standard metric and imperial optical benches/breadboards mean Xtralien systems can be integrated directly into experimental systems.

Designed for graduate-level teaching and learning

Rugged metal covers and off the shelf software for common applications means that can take data quickly and easily.


Source : https://www.ossila.com/products/xtralien-source-measure-unit-source-meter



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