W5200 Ethernet expansion board from DCCDUINO



Company : DCCDUINO

Price : $14.16 ( ₩ 16,800)

Dccduino is a Electronic Technology Development Team in China that has grown the fast.
Using Arduino Development platform, they have improved on its platform to be more convenient and cost saving for Chinese users.
Note that with W5200 you are using an SD card reader and chip microcontroller SPI bus communication (ICSP pin through). So two functions can not be used simultaneously. It should adopt a more user adjustment of operating the library program, similar principles and w5100.

  • Home Networking Equipment: STB, PVR, Digital Media Center
  • Serial Ethernet: access control systems, LED display, wireless AP repeater, etc.
  • Parallel Ethernet: POS machine or hand-held printer, copier
  • USB Ethernet: storage, network printer
  • Security system: Network cameras
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Embedded Server
  • Expansion board Operating voltage: 5V
  • Ethernet socket
  • Support micro sd card reader / writer
  • Ethernet and SD SPI interface card shares can be individually enabled features
  • Arduino-compatible controller, standard size, while supporting Arduino Mega series
  • Size: 70x55x30mm

Site : http://ko.aliexpress.com/item/YS-12-Ethernet-expansion-board-W5200-modules-for-Arduino-compatible-networking-smart-home/2029147217.html


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