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This project remotely monitors energy consumption and energy generation from solar panels and wind turbine. It allows to monitor solar heater tank temperature, power consumption of the resistance backup heater and heater power consumption.



  • Arduino Mega, $ 17.99
  • Ethernet Shield W5100, $ 10.99
  • Breadboard, %5.51
  • Power Adapter, $ 7.49
  • MCP601 operational amplifier, $5.07
  • 2 * Current Transformer, $ 14.56
  • 7 * 10K Ohm resistor, $ 0.35
  • 1 * 100K Ohm resistor, $ 0.18
  • 3 * 10uF capacitor, $ 0.18
  • Jumper wires, $ 1.30
  • 120V/9V AC-AC Voltage transformer, $ 9.00 (local market)
  • Homemade wooden case, $ 4.00 (Estimated)

<Energy monitoring 120V>


How to do 

1. Arduino circuit is coupled with the system controller TK-7Y for solar water heater, using an operational amplifier MCP601.

2. To remotely control and monitor the house with a smartphone or tablet using Internet, an Android application was developed using MIT App Inventor 2.

3. The applications are created without writing code in the typical programming languages like java or php.




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Sir,in this project you are using for store data and as a server but this site is not present at all, how to change server site and which are alternate Sites?
please urgent Replay sir, my mail id is
Thank you in Advance.