OpenKontrol Gateway


The OpenKontrol Gateway is a kit based around the Atmel ATMega328 micro processor, allowing communication between many common mediums and protocols.

WIZNET W5200 Ethernet board
OpenKontrol Starter kit (ICSP, FTDI, SRAM, Xbee1, 2, NRF24L01, RTC, Expansion Header, SD card, 328, RFM 12b)

How to Guide

1. Assembly 

To begin with, get familiarize with various components as the gateway has different module options that some components may not have a slot on the board.  Assembly is straight forward (using through-hole components).  If you are new to soldering or need to brush up on rusty skills, there are plenty of online tutorials that are worth looking at.

  •  Mount SD card socket and RFM12B radio.

  •  After checking orientation and alignment, apply a small bit of solder to the pads where this will go.

  •  Once the solder below starts to melt, add a little bit more from the top to ensure a good connection.  The ‘dummy’ SD card should remain in place when soldering the SD card socket to prevent distortion.

  •  Build up the rest of the components on the board, starting with the lowest ones (horizontal resistors) and work up to the tallest (voltage regulator).


2. FTDI VIN enable
Do not connect this by default, it is to connect the FTDI cable power to the board, if you have a 5v FTDI cable you could damage anything needing 3V3

3. RTC
The RTC chip (I2C based DS 1307) needs 5v to run. This is supplied from the main power jack via a 5v regulator.

4. XBee sockets Serial Jumper selection

Install the jumpers as shown.

5. Opt 10K resistor on left hand XBee socket

If you experience spurious data whilst doing over the air programming on a v1.3 or v.14 XRF, installing this resistor will prevent the XRF input pin from floating.
By default, it is suggested not to install this resistor.

6. Powering your gateway
Use a 5v or 6v PSU. This will keep heat down in the regulator to an absolute minimum.


* openkontrol-gateway-start-here

* OpenKontrol Gateway Example Code – LLAP to Nimbits
* OpenKontrol Gateway Example Code – LLAP to Thingspeak
* OpenKontrol Gateway Test Code – Wiznet 5200
* OpenKontrol Gateway – Wiznet adapter board
* More detail



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