Arduino Ethernet shield programmable RSS reader


This project a programmable RSS reader that displays RSS information on a Twitter. Unlike the original meaning of RSS, this project automatically posts a blog post to a twitter.


1.  Arduino

2. Ethernet Shield

3. LCD

4. potentiometer

5. jump cables



How to Guide

1. To request RSS from server, user needs public IP to use a DHCP server.

For DHCP library, please follow the link here >>> EthernetDHCP Library.

To use LCD, please follow the link here >>  connecting the LCD.


2. Download the sketch here.

Here are some indications with the sketch.
1. lines 29-32 contain configuration (LCD connections, Twitter server’s IP, Ethernet Shield MAC on the network)
2. line 42 sets the LCD size
3. line 54 selects the RSS feed related to Twitter account (user doesn’t need to be the owner, but it must be public) and copy the link to the feed, indicated by the RSS logo



Author :  Cameron

Blog :


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