This project is about DIY temperature controller for solar power system.

For the first version, the author made the system using Arduino, but in the later version, she designed her own PCB and named it as “Differduino”

The Differduino is an open source project that uses the Arduino proto-typing platform to build a solar differential controller. The code is compatible with any arduino that uses the atmega328 microprocessor, including clone circuits. The Differduino is made to communicate with the data logging site to provides a very simple and reliable way to do your data-logging,. System graphs can be accessed online from any internet connection. Data-logging is not only interesting, but also beneficial as you can visually see the performance of your system and be alerted to any potential problems, or room for improvement in efficiency.

Below is her own PCB. As you see the picture, WIZnet’s WIZ812MJ module is mounted for Ethernet connection


If you visit below link, you can see more detail about this project and get all source code about hardware & software


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