A Smart Shop Window Experiment with Arduino


A SmartLiving and Arduino project where using a QR code to control a light in a shop window



The Auther’s project where using a QR code to control a light in a shop window. For this experiment Auther use a Grove LED (representing the shop’s light) and a Smart phone to access the control switch.

05_window 05_schematic

It’s an ideal starter project to become familiar with the Arduino, Grove and using your a User Interface for web and mobile to control things.



  • Arduino Ethernet
  • SmartLiving Account
  • A Smartphone or Tablet able to Scan QR codes (Optional)
  • Grove Shield / Grove LED (representing the shop’s light)
  • USB2Serial board / USB Cable




  1. Building Plan
  2. Create Your Device
  3. Upload the Arduino sketch
  4. Test your Arduino setup
  5. Playing with Widgets
  6. Show The Shop Window Widget in separate web page
  7. Test The Shop Window Widget
    • Using a QR Code
      • Generating a QR Code

For more details, please refer to the Author’s page.



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