IoT project: Arduino sends push notification to Android using Temboo,


This is an IoT Project that sends PIR sensor alarm to an Android phone using Temboo, service and an Arduino Ethernet board including W5500.

See the diagram of the whole system.

PIR Alarm system
PIR Alarm system

How the PIR Alarm system works :

PIR sensor detects the motion around it -> Send the data to Temboo service through an Arduino board using W5500 -> Temboo service calls service to leave an alarm on the Android phone.


Following picture shows the real msg received from

Getting message form
Getting message form


Original page contains further and detailed information of how to send an alarm from Temboo and to an Android phone and also about an Arduino.

Check all of explanation and source with following link to the original web-page.

Next link is about how to communicate between and an Android phone.

how to send android push messages with



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