LikeLight project is done by Matt Reed. With an arduino ethernet shield, a custom made lego thumb interacts with a facebook page where it implements like poll script in every 5 seconds with a limit of 1 request per second.

Networked Smart Thermostat

This project shows us that your home’s heating and cooling system are able to control from anywhere with Home Automation application using Arduino Ethernet Shield.

Using WiFi Direct of WizFi250

WiFi Direct is a rapid data sending technology that works without AP(Access Point) internet connection due to its Wi-Fi connection. Since it is an advanced technology that combined pros of …

Using MQTT with Home Assistant

Home assistant is an Open-source home automation platform operates based on Python 3. It is possible to control and monitor all of home appliances with simple settings. Home assistant recently supports MQTT and this posting provides source code and how to monitor changes of the brightness of photo resistor using Arduino and Ehternet Shield.


The system we are going to build is links to the weather site and download the Arduino data related to the weather of our city. This data is analyzed depending on the weather situation and a motor moves the rope that is attached the icons of cardboard on estimates.