Open Source IoT Platform (


Open Source IoT Platform (

by Alvaro Luis Bustamante

I introduces a new IoT Cloud service ** **, This services are on beta service but, This will provide useful and powerful Cloud service for your IoT devices.

Description is a platform that allows connecting things to the Internet.
And what’s new?
* Hardware agnostic: Connect anything! from basic ** Arduinos ** with very limited resources, to more complex embedded systems running linux like Raspberry Pi.
* It is Open Source, so you can take the code an build your own cloud if you want. It provides thing API discovery right out of the box, so you can code your things and interact easily from the web. Turning a led on from the Internet just take one line of code in the device, seriously!. It has been designed with developers in mind, so any developer will love to work with this platform.

Hardware agnostic

Arduino Library

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Keep in your mind, This service is on beta.


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