Connecting Your Arduino to the Internet


Summary: This is a site of the companion for the book,Exploring Arduino, by jeremy Blum. Chapter 14 in this book covered the connecting you arduino to the Internet as below,

The Internet has a lot of acronyms. You learned the meanings of IP, DHCP, DNS, MAC, and more.
You learned the differences between clients and servers.
You learned enough basic HTML to write a form for controlling your Arduino over the web.
You ran a web server from your Arduino.
You can control I/O pins on your Arduino over the Internet.
You learned how to connect your Arduino to the Xively graphing server.
You learned how to display data from multiple sensors online.

  • Key Part List
    • Arduino Uno
    • Arduino Ethernet Shield
    • Sensor: Photoresistor / TMP36
    • REG LEDs
    • BUZZER
      Chapter 14



  • TAG: 2013.07, Ethernet Shield, W5100, BOOK, DHCP, DNS, MAC, Xively


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