Adding ethernet connectivity to a STM32-Nucleo


This is an article about Ethernet connectivity implementation with STM32-Nucleo and Arduino Ethernet Shield.

It is a very good tutorial for ARM mbed platform users who want to add Ethernet Connectivity with Arduino Ethernet Shield.


Author says,

One drawback of the Nucleo ecosystem is the lack of a version with ethernet connectivity or a dedicated shield officially supported by ST.


In the Arduino world the official Ethernet Shield is the most popular solution to add Internet connectivity to Arduino. The ethernet shield is based on a network processor become really popular thanks to its diffusion in the Arduino Community: W5100 from WIZnet.


Hardware and software requirements

Author assumes that the readers have these,

  • One of the STM32Nucleo boards available on the market – I’ve successfully tested the code both on a Nucleo-F401RE and a Nucleo-F103RB board.
  • An Arduino Ethernet Shield, or one of its clones available on eBay for less than $10.
  • Some patch cables to reroute Arduino ICSP pins to Nucleo morpho headers – more about this later.
  • A complete Eclipse/GCC ARM tool-chain with required plugins as described in this post. I’ll assume that the whole tool-chain in installed in C:\STM32Toolchain or ~/STM32Toolchain if you have a UNIX-like system.
  • A basic test project for your Nucleo version as described in this post.


stm32-nucleo ethernet shield
stm32-nucleo ethernet shield


ethernet shield
ethernet shield


Please read the full article for further reading.




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