Network controlled Arduino retic system


This project controls Relay with network and Arduino Mega, Ethernet Shield, LCD Shield, and 16 Channel Relay Shield were used for the project.

Since Arduino Mega does not have RTC function, Freetronics’ RTC module was also used.

The main reason for the author to run this project is to have an automated garden sparkling system.

This automatic system works by controlling solenoid valve with Relay shield. Author can set a certain time or place to sparkle water in the author’s garden

In an addition, author added Rain/Moisture sensor to check the garden status.

Though the author built it with an Ethernet Shield, the author wanted a WiFi system which is a costly system. Due to the expensiveness of WiFi Shield, the author developed low-cost WiFi system by using TP-Link WR702N wireless router.

The author completed wireless network by connecting Ethernet shield to WR702N with a LAN line and setting WR702N as a wireless client and bridge device.


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