Build a motion sensor android camera with Arduino UNO, PIR sensor, Bluemix Iot foundation and Push services


This project is an example of  simple security application that sends a message to a certain Android

device by sensing activities of a designated area using Ethernet shield and IBM Bluemix service.


In details,

  1. PIRSensor detects motion
  2. Arduino + Ethernet shield notifies an event to Bluemix using MQTT
  3. Using one of  Bluemix function enables to send msg to Android device

it is a high quality tutorial, and please click following source code for further information.

Build a motion sensor android camera
Build a motion sensor android camera

Check the original video clip by clicking the following link.

Throughout the following sections, I will be referring to the source code files made available at the following github location:

Source :  Build_a_motion_sensor_with_Arduino_Bluemix_Android


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