Twitter controlled Arduino Outputs – no PC – LCD Display + Sensor data to Twitter


This project that LED status send the LCD Display and you can control the LED using Twitter message.


  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • LCD Display
  • LED



How to use it:
– Set up your twitter account. Choose a username that has 6 (SIX) characters in it, no more and no less.
– To send a text twitter message to be displayed on the arduino-LCD display, just send it as normal.
– To send a DATA message (to turn one of 4 LED’s on the arduino digital output ports on or off) send a twitter formatted as follows:
a) Start with a capital “D” , this tells the arduino this twitter has data in it which it needs to look for
b) After the “D” , with no spaces enter FOUR digits. These must be 0 or 1.
c) EXAMPLE: the twitter message D0100 will turn on LED 2, D1000 would turn on LED1, D0010 would turn on LED3, D0001 will turn on LED4

Therefore you can modify this code to turn relays on and off or control anything you like.

You can download the Source code.
Download the Source code


The Twitter message send the controlled data of Analog Pin.
(As you can see the person has sent a “data” message to the Arduino (D0101) to turn on LED’s attached to pins 5 and 7.)
They have also received some twitter messages from the Arduino showing data values from a sensor on Analog Pin 1 (value displayed is 1023 at the moment).

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