Arduino DMX encoder on the test bench


Arduino DMX encoder on the test bench

by Robert Hekkers


This project controlls the Artecta RGB LED by Arduino Due and Arduino Ethternet shield via DMX decorder PX24500. You can controll the Arteta RGB LED such as Mude lighting at anywhere thru a Web-brower.

  • Arduino Duemilanove with Ethernet shield and DMX shield
  • DMX decoder PX24500
  • 24V PSU
  • 6 x Artecta RGB LED
  • some wires
  • a sketch running on the Arduino
  • UTP cable
  • software tools

Arduino Due, Ethernet shield and DMX Encoder are statcked as bellow.

Trouble shooting with Ethernet Broken

To solve this problem, he tried to repeat many times reset progressing with Arduino GPIO.

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