Tutorial: Controlling Servo / Webcam via webserver, Wiz820io and Garagino


This tutorial describes the arduino project based on WIZ820io network module from WIZnet. This project is an example to monitor the image from webcam and to control survo-motor remotely through web server. It would be much helpful for those who are considering any project to implement the web camera which captures the image in real time and then sends it to Web server through internet in order that user can monitor a real time image any time.

Hello garage owners !!! In this tutorial based on the example of the WebServer available in the Arduino IDE, we created a server with Garagino and Wiznet Ethernet module, and thus an HTML page that displays the buttons that control the servos connected to the Pan / Tilt. You can also do the assembly with the Arduino Uno and the Ethernet Shield.

List of materials
1 x Garagino Rev 1 ou Arduino Uno Rev 3
1 x Wiznet Ethernet Module WIZ820io or Arduino Ethernet Shield
2 x Servomotors
1 x Support Pan/Tilt
1 x bread board
Some jumpers

WebcamXP 5 http://www.webcamxp.com/download.aspx
Library Wiznet Ethernet module Library.zip

original link : http://labdegaragem.com/profiles/blogs/tutorial-controlar-pan-tilt-com-servos-e-modulo-de-rede-wiznet-e-


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