Measure Temperature with Arduino Ethernet + DS18B20 + Thingspeak



How to read temperature using DS180B20 sensor and Arduino Ethernet, and send the data to Thingspeak.

Please refer to the following link; as author’s Thingspeak page.

The author has integrated his Arduino Ethernet board with thingspeak so it can transmit the temperature data to my thingspeak account and chart the data as well. Moreover, he changed the way of displaying the temperature from number to a google gauge.

How to do that?

Step 1 : Arduino + Temperature Sensor Wiring


 Follow the photo sketch for wiring your Arduino Ethernet with the temperature sensor.

Step 2 : Setting up Thinspeak Account


Sign up for a new account.

Go to the channel page and click on new channel.

Customize your Y-axis labeling and other information.

*IMPORTANT* : Be sure to know your channel ID number. – Note down your channel ID

Go to the API key column and write down your key.

Step 3 : Adding a Google Gauge Plugins



Click on plugins tap in order to add a Google gauge plugins to your Thingspeak page.

Then, click on new plugins in order that you are entered to a coding page.

Go to Javascript coding.

Put your channel ID and API key on the first few lines.

Save the changes.

Add the plugin window to your channel page.

(You will find a grey tap in the main channel page, and you will be able to add a new window for charts or plugins.)

Step 4 : Preparing Your Sketch and Upload it to Arduino

Refer to the attached sketch for your Arduino.

(You might find the attached sketch at the following link;

Edit the code and put any information such as your Arduino address, API code.

Upload the code and power up your board.

Step 5 : Getting a Result


Power up your Arduino and establish an Ethernet connection.

(Thingspeak will be updated periodically.)

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