xobxob blink ethernet tutorial

XOBXOB’s vision includes products and services to help build a personal and responsive connected world. The XOBXOB service allows Makers to easily experiment with connected devices using Arduino microcontrollers. You can use other microcontroller platforms as well through XOBXOB’s RESTful API.

** Friendly Smart Things XOBXOB **

  • XOBXOB Tutorials
    Visit http://xobxob.com/ >> DEVELOP >> Turorials.
    They provided Tutorials as belows,

    • Ethernet
      • Blink: Arduino + Ethernet
      • Scrolling message : Arduino + Ethernet + 8×8 LED Display (with MAX7219)
    • Wifi
      • Blink : WiFly
      • Blink : Arduino Yun
  • Github: XOBXOB/XOBXOB_Arduino
    They released XOBXOB library. You can Download and Install XOBXOB Libraries @XOBXOB Github

XOBXOB: Simple Connected Things from Robert Gallup on Vimeo.

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