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3_Arduino Basic Temperature Monitor

This project reads a temperature sensor and reports to an Exosite portal via Ethernet Shield.
On Exosite Portals, I have set up events on the certain conditions (Temp less than 40 degrees for example) to alert me (via Email and SMS text) that the event condition exists. (SMS: Your Pipes are going to freeze!)
0_Arduino Basic Temperature Monitor


  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Dallas Semiconductor DS18B20 One-Wire Temperature Sensor – Datasheet
  • A 4.7k ohm resistor
  • A little wire and heat-shrink tubing (optional)


1_Arduino Basic Temperature Monitor
2_Arduino Basic Temperature Monitor

This project use the Arduino IDE and Exosite cloud service.
It uses the Ethernet library to set up a network connection and the Exosite library to write data to the Exosite cloud platform.
These parameters should be modified or reviewed in the code:

  • CIK – The Exosite CIK for your device (get from after adding a generic device)
  • MAC Address – The Ethernet MAC Address for your Ethernet chip (your local LAN may not like the default)
  • Arduino Digital Pin used for the Dallas OneWire (default is pin 7)

source code : Get the code and library here!

tags: 20150510, W5100, Ethernet Shield, WIZnet, Arduino uno, Cloud Service, Exosite, temperature monitoring and alarming


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