BitSetter (Home automation)


Bitsetter – Home Automation

by Michael

This project is started from “BTB2” based on ATMega1248P and WIZ820io. Until now and still, it is developed under the name BitSetter.

The BitSetter allows you to control remotely throgh Web browser the equipments such as relay, Light, sensor node, and etc. And it is useful for your home automation.

The Author, Michael has much experience and skill about WIZnet solution such as W5100 & W5200.

On Michael’s web site [(]((, You can see the progress of developing the BitSetter as well as his experience about the W5100 & PoE shield.

  • BitSetter prototype

  • Micheal hacks the Freetronics Ethernet shield for POE.

Refer to Freetronics Ethernet shield with POE

  • He used also with WIZ810MJ

Goto Original site

Goto His

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