W7500 Switch board for IoT and Ethernet in Daisy Chain applications


universal EVB with W7500 and DM8603 Switch for IoT applications in Ethernet Daisy Chain.
The W7500 is an ARM Cortex M0 chip as SoC with 128k Flash + 48k RAM + Hardwired TCP/IP offload engine as known by the W5500, for example.
And, the W7500 provide the MII interface for external PHY, Switch or other Ethernet media drivers like Fiber. With that MII interface the DM8603, a 3-port switch chip, could be adopted very easy.

W7500 Switch Board


Here, this Board is made by eHaJo for educational and engineering purpose as development platform and EVB.
For programing the Cortex M0 MCU = the 128k internal code and data flash memory, there are many options:

  • you can use the UART interface (here provided with FTDI to USB) with boot enable pin set high.
  • you can use SWD programmer like used for ARM mbed.org the CMSIS-DAP (usb drive) programmer.

eHajo provide a lot of documentation (eHaJo is starting in German, translation follow soon) at this Links:

I will add english eHaJo documentation links and more international sales links asap.

best regards, Joachim


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