Arduino Smarthome and IoT Networking Framework


Arduino Smarthome and IoT Networking Framework

by plinio

This project is IoT device based on Arduino with Ethernet, WiFi, RF, UART or RS485.
This project made IoT device DINO board(Arduino Ethernet clone with Relays) and operates on souliss framework.


Souliss is a framework that turns Arduino boards into smart objects in 50 lines of code sketch, interconnect your nodes over Ethernet, Wireless, RS485 and control them directly via SoulissApp Android application or into openHAB.

Nodes communicate in p2p using an event-based communication, report data and their functionality to the user interface and discovers automatically the network path.

It share a similar approach of ZWave and Zigbee, but works on multiple communication interfaces (and not only on Wireless 2.4 GHz). Souliss is completely open-source, runs on open-source hardware and is free to use.


  1. Souliss
    Souliss is an open-source framework designed for Smart Homes and Internet of Things, it runs over Arduino microcontrollers and include all the libraries and drivers required for a complete a distributed intelligent network, with a ready to use Android user interface.

  2. DINo Board
    This board provide KMP Electronic named DINO board – Arduino clone board with 4 Relay and WIZnet W5100 or W5200.

This project show well how to your arduino make easy to smart IoT device.

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Reference on WIZnetmuseum

TAG : 201501, W5100, Arduino, IoT, Automation, Framework
AUTHOR : plinio(, Napoli Italy(EU), Admitted


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