Gadgetkeeper – Temperature/Humidity monitoring with Arduino and Event/Trigger


This project extends previous Gadgetkeeper – Arduino Weather Station project.

The original link is

This example introduces you how to use Arduino hardware to monitor temperature and humidity using some standard sensors and GadgetKeeper with event/trigger feature.

For an example, if we consider the temperature change event in a server room, following actions can be defined on trigger script.

  • If the temperature exceeds the threshold upper level, then send alert to,
    1) Server room administrator and 
    2) A/C maintenance engineer.
  • If the temperature going below the lower threshold level, then send notification to,
    1) Server room administrator and 
    2) Heater system maintenance engineer.
"highTemperatureEmail" trigger
“highTemperatureEmail” trigger

As you can see the above image, user can set a trigger function in server. Trigger function allows you to get an alarming email when there is a sudden temperature change as an emergent case.

You can get all source code and all detail about the project from below link.


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