New IoT Platform at – the #Nogs Stamp CN1 with powerfull Cortex M4 plus #W5500 for Ethernet

Nogs-Stamp CN1 Side View

I just shortly like to introduce a brand new Platform: “The game-changing open source IoT technology …”
The Idea is to make IoT objects really smart with “live coding” and Lua script execution.
Nogs is just starting and this is also just a very early first Hardware:


Nogs Stamp CN1
Nogs Stamp CN1

This first Hardware is named “Nogs Stamp CN1” with this features:

  • Atmel ARM Cortex M4, ATSAM4SA16BA, 120MHz
  • 160kB RAM + 1MB Flash
  • WIZnet W5500 Ethernet Controller
  • µSD Card socket
  • Atmel crypto

Software or “Operating System” is the Nogs IDE and Clever Node to execute Lua scripts …


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