Arduino Push Alerts


Arduino Push Alerts – IoT Notifications for your Doorbell, Burglar Alarm, Smoke Alarms and Etc. using an Arduino Uno, an Ethernet Shield and PushingBox service.



  •  Uses an Arduino Uno and Ethernet card to send push alerts on smoke alarm, burglar alarm and doorbell activations via PushingBox.
  • All alerts ignore situations/wiring faults that give rapid multiple triggers. This prevents massive amounts of false alert messages being sent to you mobile phone.
  • The alerts can also be tied into any web cams installed in your house/office.  This is done via the PushingBox interface.
  • The PushingBox services list includes all types of phone (Android,Windows and iPhone), computer (Mac, Windows PC and Chromebook) and also includes mail and twitter.
  • If you use Pushbullet, alerts are also repeated on your PC/Chromebook and very soon Mac OS.

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  • Various instant push alerts Notifications
    • Doorbell
    • Burglar Alarm Sounder Activating / Burglar Alarm Sounder Deactivating
    • Smoke Alarm
    • Ethernet Power Restore Alarm
  • Using PushingBox Service
    • Any number of alert types can be sent to multiple locations, mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and chrome books.
  • Multiple false alerts are ignored eg multiple doorbell pushes will only create 1 alert and faulty sensor wiring will only create 1 alert.
  • Using the doorbell interface your standard doorbell will also ring as normal and if switched on all your wireless house phone will ring using their built in paging function.
  • Uses around 2Watts of power.
  • Auto reset and alert on power restore after a power cut


Hardware Schematic & Arduino Source code

Published in the project owner’s website.




TAGs: 201502, W5100, Arduino Ethernet Shield, IoT, Security, Sensing&Gathering, Remote Control






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