W5500 Ethernet with POE Mainboard


This is the introduction to W5500 VAR (Value Added Reseller) product of DFRobot .

Please note that the wiki page for this product was written in Chinese. You may read this page with Google translation tool.


The PoE is the key feature of this product. In Wikipedia, PoE was explained like this.

 PoE provides both data and power connections in one cable, so equipment doesn’t require a separate cable for each need. For equipment that does not already have a power or data connection, PoE can be attractive when the power demand is modest. For example, PoE is useful for IP telephones, wireless access points, cameras with pan tilt and zoom (PTZ), and remote Ethernet switches. PoE can provide long cable runs e.g. 100 m (330 ft) and deliver 12 W of galvanically isolated power

Therefore, this board has advantage over other W5500 VAR products because it does not need separate power cables.


After reviewing the introduction page for W5500 Ethernet with POE Mainboard, 4 major features can be summarized.

  • Highly integrated. W5500 and one MCU were integrated in one main board with POE.
  • No need two stack (Shield + Arduino board) structure. It gives user more space.
  • More intelligent and secure professional PD power control integrated chip. It means it is stable and reliable.
  • Do not have to consider the power supply compatibility issues. It complies with industry standard IEEE 802.3af POE powered device.


By simply porting Arduino library, this product can be used for very simple Web-server.

W5500 Ethernet with POE Mainboard
W5500 Ethernet with POE Mainboard


Refer to the original page below.

Source: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1286.html


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