Home Alert: Arduino + Cloud Messaging On A Large Display


In the age of mobile phone, everybody would expect that people would be responsive to our call 24/7.

Guess that your wife (or husband or anyone at home) forgot to bring her mobile phone from the bag and its battery is flat. You want to call or send SMS to ask for a lift home from the train station on a rainy night, but could not reach her.

The author has this problem often enough to warrant a solution. A bit of tinkering with an Arduino and a Freetronics Dot Matrix Display (DMD) resulted to a very annoying (for my wife) gadget, but an amazing communication device and information center for him.

Home Alert is controlled via a web page that is hosted on Heroku, a cloud-based application host. The web page is coded in Ruby, using the Sinatra web app framework, and the Redis key-value store. As you see below image, if you input some simple text at the webpage, that is displayed in the Dot Matrix Display which is installed in the remote site.


The author explained how you can install the hardware, write the code, make the web server and deploy to the cloud in detail. For more detail, please visit below link.


Tags : 201403, Arduino Ethernet, W5100, Cloud, Web Server, Remote Control



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