With the WIZ550WEB module you’re immediately on the web


New communication module WIZ550web offers interesting possibility how to get any device on the web.




SOS electronic Europe posted an interesting article about WIZ550web. This article introduced WIZ550web features and Implementable applications.

For more details, please visit SOS electoric website,



Key Points

W5500 based WIZ550web is unattackable – Hardwired core is highly stable and resistant to attacks

Telemetry – when we want a device to send measured data, user can comfortably monitor  and control device’s operations



well described WIZ550web advantages / Features

  • Embedded web server based on the W5500 chip
  • High stability and security thanks to a hard-wired solution
  • Simply usable module for Ethernet connection
  • 16 configurable I/O pins and 4 analogue inputs
  • 4GB microSD card included
  • Also available is a rich-featured evaluation board


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Source: http://www.soselectronic.com/?str=1671


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