How to build a whole home energy monitor
By arduino engineer


This page and linked pages detailed below document how to build whole house energy monitor that has a display for easy, quick access to current energy use information, usb datalogging for detailed long term data storage and Internet connectivity for online graphing.

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System diagram is shown by following :

  • Arduino Software code  : Here are the full arduino sketches for the main and ethernet units. They are made up of the stand alone sketches from each section above.

    Download: MainSketch27Jan.tar.gz Download: EthernetSketch27Jan.tar.gz

  • Full parts list : Here’s the full part list, it contains links to suppliers (mainly farnell), part prices and alternative parts to try to bring the cost down.

    Download :
    Google Docs part list 

The detail of Ethernet Part is explained through

ethernet shield

Arduino Sketch

Note: This sketch is just sends set values out to the server, its just to show the basics needed. Have a look at the whole house energy monitor documentation page for an example of how this can be connected up to the rest of a setup.

Download: SAethernet.tar.gz

There are a couple of changes that need to be made to the arduino sketch now so that we are ready for the next section.

  • Make sure the MAC address and ip of the ethernet board are unique on your local area network
  • Enter the ip of your webserver. If you have a shared hosting you can find the shared ip using a trace-route program, you can trace-route from network tools in ubuntu.
  • If you have a shared hosting you will also need to change the “GET /cgi-bin/” to include your server url:“GET”

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