Triggering IFTTT from Arduino using Lithouse


This tutorial is about building a motion detector and trigger IFTTT events from that device. IFTTT is the service to provide the connection between things through a channel. The channel has its own triggers & actions.


Here, we will create IFTTT recipes for receiving an e-mail if something is detected in the house, or switching a Belkin WEMO(a kind of smart Plug) when someone walk in to the house.

STEP 1 : Making DIY Motion Detector

You will need the following components:

  • LED, Breadboard and some Wires.


STEP 2 : Register with Lithouse

Lithouse is a broker server to connect the device (Motion Detector) with IFTTT service.


STEP 3 : Software Setup

Here, we will setup Arduino development environment and configure the device.


STEP 4 : Activate IFTTT

At this stage, the device is connected to Lithouse. But, it cannot trigger IFTTT events yet. That will happen once you activate IFTTT on Lithouse:


STEP 5 : Testing with Sample Recipe

Your DIY Motion Detector can now trigger IFTTT events. Below is the demonstration video.

You can see more detail and get the source code from Instructables.


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