Wireless Home Automation Project


There have been lots of different approaches to realize this kind of system. Here, based on Arduino, WIZnet 5100 and RFM12 wireless module, we are trying to set up a low cost, remote control Home Automation platform.


This system consists of three major parts. The first one is the Arduino Web Server which allows the access form the Internet. The second one is wireless controller attached to the home applicants. The third one is wireless switch which is used to turn on and off the wireless controller.


The server consists of five parts:

  1. Arduino Mega 1280
  2. RTC module
  3. Ethernet shield
  4. SD card shield
  5. RFM12 shield.



Mainly, the server performs two kinds of tasks. When Http GET requests come from the clients, the server will analyze the requests, search corresponding files on the SD card and send them back to the clients, so the clients can see the operating interface in their browsers. When Http POST requests come, which means the client is sending command to control the home appliances, the server will translate these commands into the wireless messages which obey the communication protocol between the nodes.

Source : http://www.embedded.arch.ethz.ch/Projects/ChinaNode


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