The author had 2 remote controllers to control 6 outlets in his apartment. He wanted to remove the remote controllers and control the light with his i-phone. Just by using Arduino & Ethernet shield, he made his own controller.



The parts that are needed

  • 1x Arduino uno (can be any arduino)
  • 1x Ethernet shield (it should be the one with the w5100 chip)
  • 1x mixro sd card
  • 1x 5v to 12v stepup
  • 1x 433mhz transmitter
  • 1x 3d printed box (stl provided)
  • some 433 mhz controllable wall outlets

He made the external case using 3D printer.



If you go to the Instructables, you can get all guides for this DIY project including the source code.


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