VFD Clock with SNMP & NTP


This project is about the network clock.

It sets itself via NTP and adjusts for daylight savings time so no buttons and it never needs adjusting. It can be monitored via SNMP for logging the temperature and checking system uptime. The entire SNTP stack was written from scratch and it all fits in one AVR 328P.
For a screen I am using a salvaged VFD from an old Fruit Machine. 16 character 14 segment display with serial input.
Main control board is an Ardiuno clone from eBay. Connectivity is via a WIZnet 5100 board.



The author can have an always correct Clock that never needs setting, is clearly visible and shows the time/date/temp on one clear and concise screen. He can monitor it via HTTP and SNMP as well as graph the temperature over time.

For more detail, visit the author’s blog “Pyrofer’s Projects


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