Power on PC from anywhere


A simple but effective system to power on your PC from anywhere in the world using just a few basic components and a website.


Unless you live off-the-grid and have abundant free electricity, leaving your rig on while you go away on trips is hardly economic. So if you’re like [Josh Forwood] and you happen to use a remote desktop client all the timewhile on the road,  you might be interested in this little hack he threw together. It’s a remote Power-On-PC from anywhere device.

To power on a computer you need simply tap the name of a computer and the website sends a HTTP request to the Arduino including the MAC address of the specified computer. The Arduino kicks in and the computer powers on within seconds.

Source : http://hackaday.com/2014/12/28/turn-on-your-computer-from-anywhere-with-an-arduino-server/



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