Barley’s automated cat feeder


This is an auger-based automatic cat feeder.  Several pounds of cat food are stored in the reservoir above the auger, and the feeder is programmed to automatically dispense 1/4-cup of food in the morning and in the evening. 

The authors adopted a sweet black kitty that we named Barley. Very soon after, they decided to build an automatic feeder that would dispense cat food twice a day.

The main features of the feeder are:

  • automatically dispenses an exact amount of dry cat food twice a day
  • has a webcam which monitors the food dispensing process
  • contains a web interface that allows us to see the webcam feed, to ensure that the cat ate when he was supposed to
  • a separate web interface providing direct control of the feeder’s timer and motor configuration




The rear of the feeder contains all the electronics.  They are protected by a plexiglass door that is secured with a clasp.


If you browse the author’s blog, you can get all the detail how this project came together, click here.


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