This is An LED thermometer like device to represent donations received via Paypal.

It uses an RGB LED strip (WS8201) connected to an Arduino Ethernet board to receive http posts from a PHP script running on a server. The script utilises the paypal api to grab the account balance of my charities paypal account and sends it over the network to the arduino.

It is then displayed on the RGB LED strip in red lights to simulate a thermometer. So the more money in the account the higher the red lights go.

We have used it on numerous occasions during our hospital radio broadcasts to raise funds to help keep our station on air.




Main components for this project are as below

  • 1×RGB LED STRIP (WS2801)
  • 1×Arduino Ethernet 
  • 1×Black Project Box
  • 1×4mm DC Brushless Fan 12VDC
  • 1×12VDC > 5VDC 3A Buck converter
  • 1×Various PCB fixtures
  • 1×12VDC 5A 2.1MM PSU
  • 1×Various JST connectors
  • 3×Acrylic glass sheets

You can get the source code from this link.


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