WizNet WIZ820io – plug in and go?




The WizNet WIZ820io is a simple plug and go solution for adding ethernet connectivity to your Arduino (or whatever) project, provided you update your library and your network switch isn’t too old. As to its value – compared to a full-blown official shield that’s currently retailing at £33 (and which also gives you an SD card slot), the £25 price being asked by HobbyTronics isn’t especially brilliant. With the module being offered at £20 including postage on eBay, that’s a bit more like it. Mouser appears to be offering them at £15 each, but it wasn’t immediately obvious if that was an ex-VAT price – He suspect it is and you’ll also be paying 12 quid delivery unless you top up the order. Hopefully over the coming months, with more interest more suppliers will stock it and if it stabilised around the £20 mark, He would say that was a fair price.

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