IoT Relayduino Project


This example project is more advanced than the simple getting started examples in the Exosite Arduino Library  or the Basic Arduino Temperature Monitor. This example will show both writing to and reading from the Exosite platform.

In this project we’re going to be playing with a really cool device that we stumbled upon called the Relayduino from a company called Ocean Controls. It is basically a board with eight relay outputs and three analog and four digital optically isolated inputs all controlled by an embedded Arduino. Luckily for us, it includes the traditional Arduino header locations so we can throw an Ethernet shield on it and control it from the cloud with Exosite.

Relayduino_Dashboard (2)
The Hardware

– Relayduino – 12 Volt or 24 Volt
– Arduino Ethernet Shield
– A 2×3 Male Header
– Set of Arduino Headers
– 12 or 24 Volt Power Supply

For more detail, visit the project site.


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