Internet enabled Interactive Stair Lights

This enables web/network based control over the stair lights.
By andrew_h
Hardware Components
Ethernet enabled Arduino
X 1
16 X Led strip lights
X 1
74HC595 Shift registers
X 2
100nf Ceramic Capacitors
X 2
100uf 16v Polarised cap
X 1
ULN2803 Darlington transistor Arrays
X 2
Mini PIR Movement sensors
X 2

Ok, So this has been done before, i know.  There are even a few instructables already on how to make stair lights.  Mine are a bit different.  You see, I’m starting off on a ‘Home Automation spree’ and this is one of the elements in my house.  This enables web/network based control over the stairs.  All you need to do is ‘publish’ the settings and the Arduino will act accordingly.  I do this through a PHP/JavaScript web page that utilises TCP socket communication.  That’s a little outside of the scope of this instructable though.

The basic technology being used here is an Ethernet enabled Arduino and the MQTT protocol.

You will need:
– An Ethernet enabled Arduino (Preferably the WIZnet type, I have not tested this with others)
– 16 X Led strip lights or other lights you might want to use. I got mine from AliExpress for ~$2.50 each.
– 2 X 74HC595 Shift registers
– 2 X ULN2803 Darlington transistor Arrays
– 2 X 100nf Ceramic Capacitors
– 1 X 100uf 16v Polarised cap

Here is a demonstration movie.

For more detail about this project, visit Instructables.

ShiftPWM library
Arduino pub/sub MQTT client library.


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